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About Blue Moon

We are a contract screen printer based in Cleveland, Ohio. We have won many National and International Awards for print quality and we have World Class Customer Service and blah, blah, blah. . . Do you really want to read us talking about ourselves? Everyone brags about how good they are, so don’t take our word for it. If you want to know who we are and what we do, please check what our customers say about us.

What Makes Us Different?

Until COVID, we NEVER (in 12 years) missed a deadline! We will go to extraordinary lengths to take care of YOUR customer and YOUR reputation! Late night runs to FedEX and UPS, overnight printing, long distance couriers and even overnight drives are just some of the things we have done to deliver on time. Does your current decorator value your business that much? Oh, did we mention the Award Winning print quality? So. . . yes, Service and Quality!

Get In Touch

Here’s another way we take care of YOU. There is no Voice Mail or a fancy automated system!!! You call, we answer! You will talk to a live human being. So give us a call and we’ll answer your questions (440) 942-6055. If phone is not your thing, shoot us an email, contact us via web form, or try the chat (still working out the kinks on that last one though, sorry).

Popular Design Options

One Color

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Free Halftones!
Gives the Art Some Life
Over Seam
Most Bang for the Buck
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Stands Out More
One Color With Halftones

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Amazing Effects
Colors, Metallic, Patterns
Soft Hand

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ECO Friendly Options Available

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Pierre, Johanna and the entire team at Bluemoon has been great to work with over the last 8 years.   Bottom line, if you have a very important job, and want flawless results, there is no better screen printer IMO to turn to.    The quality of their printing and attention to detail is second to none.   We’ve had nothing but great experiences, and would recommend them to anyone.

Chas Shramek
President/CEO, Proforma Connected
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I have been working with Pierre and his team at Bluemoon for the past 10 years. Not only do they create high, retail quality products, but they go way above and beyond to service you. There has been many times that I have called on them to help me with seemingly complicated projects and they have come through every time making me look like  a hero. I recommend them without hesitation, they will make you too look great and relieve the stress of today’s evolving projects.

Dennis Funk
Partner, Proforma Signature Solutions
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My largest account is brand conscious. Their graphic tees must meet strict graphic and quality standards. I went through at least a dozen screenprinters before I was introduced to Blue Moon. They took the time to understand our requirements, and for years have consistently provided quality product, on time and on budget.

Phil Yale
President/CEO, Proforma Legacy
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Printing For Another Screenprinting Company:

We used Blue Moon on a 5 color job with two print locations, both with five color designs. I was more than pleased with the prints, registration was right on, color matching was perfect and turnaround time was only 5 days! I have to say I am very picky with what I put my name on, so I was nervous about contracting a job out to anyone. We picked up the order and the prints looked great! I will not hesitate to use you again. I have actually started to seek out more complex work knowing I can have it printed correctly by your company. Thank you for the great service and the great work, you have opened up opportunities to take on orders that would have simply been too large or too complex for my shop to handle.

President/CEO, RT Screen Designs
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Printing For Another Screenprinting Company:

A huge thanks to the Blue Moon crew from DKgrafix Limited. They were the huge help for all my contract printing needs

Denis Kolar
President/CEO, DK Grafix Limited
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Printing For Another Screenprinting Company:

Thanks Blue Moon for the AWESOME job on the Game Jam tees. My customer LOVED them!! I have a sample hanging up in the showroom. It’s an impressive print. It’s nice to be able to send jobs we can’t handle to you. I never have to worry about the quality.

Brad Alpers
President/CEO, Repla Prints, Atlanta
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Quality work with attention to details, Quick turn-around, Old-World customer service, Fair pricing . . . Would you be interested in training some of my other vendors? Please keep up the good work, and please don’t let this go to your head and raise any prices!

Curt Ewing
President/CEO, Ewing Communications
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I have hired Blue Moon to produce apparel prints for me on many occasions. They are priced competitively but more than that, I hire them for their attention to detail and willingness to do what ever it takes to produce the best job they can with the time given. Blue Moon delivers quality (above most all others) every time and is very in tune with the customers needs. They are dependable and consistent. Pierre is trust worthy and has a burning desire to always improve. They understands that you cannot just provide a good price, you must provide a good business relationship and do all that it takes to maintain that. Thank you Pierre for all that you have done and will do.

Dan Campbell
President/CEO, Dot Tone designs
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Pierre and the staff at Blue Moon maintain the highest standards for quality and integrity in the screen print industry. The team at Blue Moon is very knowledgeable about apparel trends, industry techniques and screen print solutions. I highly recommend Blue Moon Printing for all of your screen print needs, one of the BEST in the business!

Quentin Clark
President, Glitch Gear

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