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Over Seams

Similar to the one color prints, when printing over the seams you can increase the perceived value to your customer. Over the seams and zipper fees are $0.50, so for $1.70 per print you can be offering options like the image on the right. This is a one color imprint (has halftone background) with a print over the sleeve seam.

Pricing for 100 shirts is $1.70 each! You can offer the shirts to your customers for $7 each (a very reasonable price for a unique decoration like this) and have a 100% markup, double what most people make in our industry!

Other than T-shirts, this technique can be utilized to decorate the hoodies and zipper hoodies by printing over the seams and zippers. Just like the T-shirts, these garments will now have more dynamic decoration and will be more appealing to the end users.

February 18, 2019