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Blue Moon Pricing Calculator

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Number of prints (each side):
Number of colors in the art:
Max on dark is 7. Max on light (no underbase) is 8.
Underbase required? (Are any ink colors lighter than the garment? Also select if PMS matching on anything but white.) No Yes
Repeat order? (Will we be able to use previously generated films?) No Yes
White ink only? (This applies to qty 40 or less.) No Yes  
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How many OFF CENTER prints (leg, sleeve, side etc):   $0.20 ea
Number of FLEECES (hoodies, crewnecks and such):   $0.50 ea
How many TRI-BLEND, POLY, or MOISTURE MANAGEMENT garments:   $0.50 ea
How many YOUTH garments:   $0.25 ea + $5 per order
How many garments with FOIL:   $1.00 ea
How many with SPECIALTY inks (gold, metallic, puff, glow):   $0.75 ea
How many NAMES on the back of the uniforms:   $5.00 ea
How many PMS/PANTONE MATCHES:   $15.00 ea
How many HEAT TRANSFERS PRESSED:   $1.00 ea
How many DIGITS on the back of the uniforms:   $2.00 ea
How many COLOR CHANGES:   $15.00 ea
Any GRADIENTS/HALFTONES in the art? No Yes
Are the prints OVERSIZED? (larger than 12x14 with underbase or 14x16 without) No Yes   $0.50 ea
Are we printing OVERS the SEAMS and/or ZIPPERS? No Yes   $75.00
Are we using DISCHARGE ink? (min qty 48 pcs) No Yes   $1.00 ea
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