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  • We can screenprint on almost any fabric or garment style
  • ‘Flash’ or ‘Underbase’ is recommended any time a lighter ink is printed on a darker garment
  • Each color is printed thru its’ own screen
  • Screens are meticulously lined up to prevent misprints or shadow prints
  • Each person handling your printed garments is checking to ensure that it’s perfect (human error still happens, but it’s pretty rare for us!)
Portal 2 shirt printed with metallic silver ink
Portal 2 shirt printed with metallic silver ink

What We Do

We use state of the art automated equipment to screen print designs that are brighter, thinner (more comfortable) and more consistent than our competition. This will make your customer happy as everybody prefers a quality product over a run of the mill execution.

We will also do a bang up job of your full color (four color process or simulated process) decorations! We are an Award Winning shop after all. But don’t worry!  We can make your one and two color prints look amazing – have you seen what we can do with halftones?

Why Would You Care?

  • You look better to your customer
  • Piece of mind knowing that the order will be done right and on time
  • In some cases even HIGHER PROFIT MARGINS. Utilize some of our  techniques to provide higher perceived value
  • Happier customer
Portal 2 shirt printed with metallic silver ink