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Direct To Garment (DTG) is a process where shirts are printed on an inkjet printer and do not require screens. This makes it more suitable for smaller runs, but due to the ink costs it is not suitable for longer runs.
Print quality has improved drastically over the years and it is now on par with Screenprinting, in some cases even better. It should be mentioned that we spent months dialing in the system to get the great print quality we are known for. This will not be the case with many other DTG decorators. Please order some samples to see what to expect. We have several customers that ordered from 10 or more other vendors and they said nobody is even close to what we can do.
Wash fastness is also similar to traditionally printed shirts. On top of that, the print is very thin and soft after laundering.

The only negative is the visible pretreatment on some models and colors of shirts. We have tested many combinations and can help you find one that works the best. In some case the pretreatment is not visible at all and in the worst case scenario there is a dark square around the image (it goes away in the wash).

We offer following options:

  • $5: Print on Demand In stock shirts (yours or ours), direct connection to your online store. No minimums. $30 first order to prep the art.
  • $6: Electronic order decorating  PO and art are submitted via web order form. No art approval or mockups are provided.
  • $7: Contract Printing You send us shirts. PO and Art are submitted via email. $30 minimum. Includes mockups, art approvals and email notifications.


The $5 option is good for stores without inventory. Think Print on Demand. Put up as many designs as You’d like and we’ll provide the shirt, print it and send it out to Your customer (blind shipping, of course). It is a great way to test the market, run micro events or just  have a bunch of designs without having to print them all. Think product anniversary shirts, small events, design competitions. . .

The $6 option is a hybrid between Print on Demand and traditional contract decorating. We’ve made few adjustments to make it more affordable and your life a little easier. After all, do you want to deal with placing an order for three shirts?  Use our shirts and follow this link to place your order! For larger number of garments (12 or more), you can provide your own and place the order here. We also eliminated the art mockups and proofs. This is ideal when your ducks are in the row or for repeat orders.

The $7 option is your traditional contract decorating. Email us the PO and we will run it through the system manually. You will receive the art proofs, mockups, emails with status notifications and all the bells and whistles. There is a $30 minimum to cover all that paperwork though. If you are not sure which route to take, this is it!